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Scientists develop an electric vehicle battery for four seasons

Introduction: Electric Vehicle Battery Woes in the Cold A common concern for electric vehicle (EV) owners is how well their vehicle's battery performs in cold...

EPA looks to accelerate the EV transition, but California sets the pace

The Biden administration is getting tough on carbon by steering the nation’s automakers to build more electric vehicles, but USC experts predict the road...

Who’s liable in a self-driving car crash?

Police officers can often identify which driver is responsible for a traffic accident. But what about when a self-driving vehicle is involved? Which driver should...

These ‘nano inks’ could passively control temperature in buildings, cars

Scientists have created a new type of ink called 'phase change inks' that can help regulate temperatures in buildings, homes, and cars.

How cars ‘waste’ two thirds of their fuel

With the rise in gas prices showing no signs of abating, it seems like an appropriate time to ask ourselves: are our cars not...

Why are electric vehicle fires so hard to put out

Electric vehicles don’t catch fire often, but when they do, things get spicy. How do these fires start?

Scientists propose a fourth light on traffic signals for self-driving cars

Scientists propose a “white light,” which would enable autonomous vehicles to help control traffic flow and let human drivers know what’s going on.

Sunswift 7 solar-powered electric car goes 1000km on a single charge

UNSW Sydney’s Sunswift 7 solar-powered electric car has claimed a provisional Guinness World Record by going 1000km on a single charge in under 12 hours.

Charging cars at home in daytime is a better way, shows Stanford study

Many electric vehicle owners charge their cars at home in the evening or overnight. But there is a better way.

Scientists find way to boost the lifetimes of battery packs for electric vehicles

Stanford researchers have devised a new way to make lithium-ion battery packs last longer and suffer less deterioration from fast charging.