Fengjing Liang, Founder & General Manager

Mr. Fengjing Liang holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from George Washington University in the U.S. He has professional experiences in finance, accounting, and internet business management.

In 2016, Mr. Liang founded Knowridge Science Report, an internet magazine that publishes science, technology, medicine, earth and space news, discoveries and stories. Since founded, Knowridge Science Report has published the most innovative and inspiring research news from universities and research institutes worldwide.

In Knowridge Science Report, Mr. Liang works as the full-time General Manager. His main work duties include but not limited to:

Developing and operating the website (website management): Mr. Liang is responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of the infrastructure, hardware, and software used for the Knowridge Science Report website.

On a daily basis, Mr. Liang monitors web traffic, performance and capacity to identify, prevent and resolve issues. He coordinates with stakeholders to ensure that the website provides content and functionality that meet the business needs of Knowridge Science Report. He also maintains appropriate security and troubleshoots any issues.

Building and maintaining partnerships with news platforms (marketing management): Mr. Liang develops strategies and tactics to boost Knowridge Science Report’s reputation and drives qualified traffic. He builds strong strategic relationships with major internet news platforms and social media websites.

Mr. Liang also experiments with various organic and paid acquisition channels, including content creation, content curation, affiliating marketing, pay per click campaigns, event management, and social media.

He also measures the performance of marketing campaigns, gains insight and assesses against goals. He analyzes consumer behavior and adjusts marketing strategies and campaigns accordingly.

Managing partnerships with advertising companies (advertising management):  Mr. Liang works with advertising companies to discuss topics such as budgets and contracts, marketing plans, and the selection of advertising media.

He plans advertising and promotional online media campaigns for Knowridge Science Report.

Mr. Liang also helps conduct market research studies and analyzes findings to understand customer and market opportunities for Knowridge Science Report.

Dr. Jie Yang, Editor-in-chief

Dr. Jie (Jane) Yang holds a PhD in Psychology from Beijing Normal University in China. She worked as a research fellow at universities in New York, California in the U.S. and Sydney in Australia. Dr. Yang has strong research experiences in cognitive neuroscience, neuroimaging, psychology and autism. She has published over 20 research papers in international peer-reviewed journals.

In 2017, Dr. Yang joined Knowridge Science Report as Editor-in-Chief and follows her passion for writing science and health for the public. Her main work duties include but not limited to:

Writing news about the latest scientific research: On a daily basis, Dr. Yang writes news about the newest scientific discoveries from universities and research institutes.

Her writing tries to use plain language to introduce research findings, experts’ opinions, and advice that is highly inspiring or close to people’s daily life experiences.

Editing news submitted by universities and researchers: Knowridge Science Report builds strong connections with hundreds of universities, research institutes, professional associations, and reference sources. It also accepts and publishes articles from researchers.

One important duty of Dr. Yang is to review, select, and edit the most innovative and inspiring research news whenever new articles are submitted to Knowridge Science Report.