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Tricking your tummy: How looking at pictures could help you feel full

Do you ever feel like you see food everywhere online? Whether it's on Instagram, Facebook, or even ads that randomly pop up, the internet...

Scientists discover a new way to detect narcissism

Narcissism is a personality trait characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance and a deep need for excessive attention and admiration. People with narcissistic traits...

ChatGPT can’t think – consciousness is something entirely different to today’s AI

There has been shock around the world at the rapid rate of progress with ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence created with what’s known as large language...

Is Your Doctor’s Personality Affecting Your Treatment?

Doctors and patients are different not only in their health status but also in their personality traits, according to a recent study. Researchers from Australia...

How long is the present? It depends on your heartbeat

In a study from Cornell University, scientists found 'wrinkles' in time experience are linked to the heartbeat. They found that our momentary perception of time...

Why British English sounds so smart

Are the British generally more intelligent and informed than Americans? Americans certainly seem to think so.

One-click checkout in online shopping could entice people spend 30% more

You’d probably guess that simplifying the checkout process at an online retailer will lead customers to buy more. The question is: How much more?

Don’t be like Darth Vader—negative emotions spark success, but there’s a price

Tapping into the dark side and using anxiety and anger can spark more success than fun and relaxation – but at the cost of your health.  

Happy mid-life relationships may protect people from chronic diseases

Satisfying relationships in midlife with partners, and friends are linked to a lower risk of multiple chronic diseases in older age.

Marry or mingle: The risks and rewards of being single

For many people, Valentine’s Day can be an isolating time. The dominant Valentine’s Day narrative insists that to be in a romantic relationship is...