Many people aged 50+ need to get more vitamin D

Many people aged 50+ need to get more vitamin D

In a new study, researchers found that over 25% of adults aged 50+ are deficient in vitamin D.

The research was conducted by a team from Trinity College Dublin.

Vitamin D has a known role in bone health, with more evidence for health effects on muscle strength and other health conditions.

For example, recent research has shown that vitamin D may be helpful for people diagnosed with colon cancer by increasing their survival rate.

Another study has found that weight loss combined with vitamin D supplements could help reduce chronic inflammation in the body.

In addition, vitamin D and estrogen can work together to prevent metabolic syndrome in older women.

A better understanding of factors causing vitamin D deficiency can help identify people most at-risk.

In their study, the team examined 6004 midlife and older adults living at Northern latitudes (England, 50-55oN).

They found over half (57%) had inadequate serum vitamin D levels, of which 26% were classed as vitamin D deficient.

They identified a profile of older people more likely to be at risk of vitamin D deficiency.

The team also found a healthy weight, engaging in regular vigorous physical activity and vitamin D supplement use may help protect against vitamin D deficiency in older people.

They believe the findings are valuable in developing new strategies to prevent vitamin D deficiency (at 30nmol/L) in older populations.

They also suggest that food fortification and other strategies need to be considered at the policy level besides the use of vitamin D supplement.

One author of the study is Associate Professor in Nutrition at Trinity College, Maria O’Sullivan.

The study is published in the international, peer-reviewed journal Nutrients.

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