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Why is climbing Mount Everest so dangerous?

The recent death of Australian man Jason Kennison after reaching the summit of Mount Everest highlights how dangerous mountain climbing can be. Details of what...

Telephone-based weight loss program can help people with breast cancer lose weight

In a new clinical trial, a telephone-based weight loss program has demonstrated effectiveness in helping patients with breast cancer who are overweight or obese...

Evening social media use linked to delayed sleep, study finds

A new study from Duke University and Yale University has discovered a causal association between evening social media use and delayed sleep.

Dream a little dream: How napping might boost creativity

Imagine you're having trouble with a tricky problem. A new study says that a quick nap might help you figure it out.

Scientists make a breakthrough in battling obesity

Did you know that over 40% of Americans are overweight? That's almost half of the population! And it's not just about looks. Being overweight can...

Weight cycling may increase diabetes risk, study finds

Most people regain their lost weight within a few years. This process, known as weight cycling, can increase the risk of diabetes more than obesity itself.

Simple movement program qigong helps reduce cancer fatigue

Qigong, a meditative movement routine, is just as good as regular exercise routines for improving fatigue related to cancer.

Coastal living and visits can boost your health

Living near or visiting the seaside boosts health, regardless of the country or personal income level.

Active people can handle more pain, study finds

A recent study shows that active adults can tolerate pain better than those who don't exercise much. This study included over 10,000 people and was...

How leaky gut bacteria drives obesity: A new study

Scientists at Nottingham Trent University have made an important discovery about how bacteria in our guts can affect obesity. They found that small parts of...