More vitamin D can help improve your memory, but may make you slow

In a recent study from Rutgers University, scientists found vitamin D could improve memory performance in older people.

How to stay healthy in the season of sweets

With temptations at every turn, how can you steel your resolve to stay healthy until the new year

Vegan diet rich in legumes may help you lose weight

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Eating moderate dairy food may prevent type 2 diabetes

In a study from the University of Naples Federico, scientists found that dairy products, especially low-fat products and yogurt, are linked to a lower...

Honey may help protect your heart and metabolic health

Honey is a complex composition of common and rare sugars, proteins, organic acids, and other bioactive compounds that very likely have health benefits. In a...

Vitamin D level could determine COVID-19 severity

A recent study from Trinity College Dublin found that vitamin D can determine the severity of COVID-19. The finding highlights the association between vitamin D...

Low protein diet may improve colon cancer treatment

In a study from the University of Michigan, scientists found a dietary change could be a key to enhancing colon cancer treatment. They found in...

Eating potatoes in a healthy diet does not increase diabetes risk

scientists found that potatoes actually did not increase that risk, are filled with key nutrients, and packed with health benefits.

Common high-protein plant Mankai could lower blood sugar after meals

In a study from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, scientists found that Mankai could help control blood sugar.

Diet soda drinkers have lower risks in colon cancer recurrence, death

In a recent study from Yale University, scientists found a link between drinking artificially sweetened beverages and a much lower risk of colon cancer...