Vaping is not a safer alternative to cigarettes, study finds

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A new study led by Ziyad Ben Taleb, an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Arlington and director of the Nicotine and Tobacco Research Laboratory, challenges the widely held belief that electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) are a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes.

The study, published in the journal Tobacco Induced Diseases, argues that vaping has the same harmful effects on cardiovascular function as smoking traditional cigarettes.

The Research

The study involved nearly 20 participants who smoked both traditional and pod-based e-cigarettes in two separate lab sessions.

Researchers measured the rate at which participants’ blood vessels returned to their normal size after constriction.

The results showed delays in this process for both types of cigarettes, pointing to potential long-term cardiovascular risks.

Health Risks

“Blood vessel constriction can have major impacts on one’s health in the long term,” said Ben Taleb.

“Studies link a delayed reaction and dilation to future negative cardiovascular events like strokes, high blood pressure, and heart attacks.”

E-cigarettes often contain formaldehyde, which can lead to harmful oxidation and chronic inflammation in the body, further exacerbating cardiovascular risks.

Public Perception vs Reality

E-cigarettes have gained popularity due to their sleek look, availability in various flavors, and endorsement in social media and celebrity circles.

These factors contribute to the perception that they are a safer alternative to traditional smoking.

Ben Taleb’s research, however, contradicts this notion, stressing that vaping is not a safe alternative, especially concerning cardiovascular health.


The study adds to the growing body of evidence suggesting that e-cigarettes are not a safer alternative to traditional smoking, particularly in terms of cardiovascular health.

This new research emphasizes the need for public awareness and caution when considering the use of e-cigarettes.

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The research findings can be found in Tobacco Induced Diseases.

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