Scientists found how to reverse type 2 diabetes in lean people

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Professor Roy Taylor, along with his team at Newcastle University, made a significant discovery that could change the lives of many people who suffer from type 2 diabetes.

Interestingly, this study focused on those who have lower body weights, a group often overlooked in diabetes research.

The study proved that such people could also overcome diabetes through proper diet and weight loss.

A Bit of Background: How We Got Here

Before we dive into the new study, it’s important to understand what led us here. Professor Taylor has been studying how people with type 2 diabetes can become healthy again.

In the past, he showed that weight loss can help people who are overweight or have obesity to fight off diabetes.

His studies showed that losing fat from two important organs, the liver and the pancreas, could help these people win their battle against diabetes.

The New Study: Taking a Closer Look

In this new study, known as the ReTUNE trial, the researchers wanted to see if the same was true for people who have diabetes but are not overweight.

They chose 20 people who had diabetes and a body mass index (BMI) that was considered normal or just above normal.

They asked these participants to follow a strict diet that was low in calories, similar to the diet used in the earlier study.

This diet was followed for 2-4 weeks, after which they were allowed to reintroduce normal foods into their meals. The whole cycle was repeated up to three times.

The results were incredible! They found that about 70% of these participants were able to get rid of their diabetes by following this diet and losing weight.

The key seemed to be the same as before – getting rid of harmful fat in the liver and pancreas.

The Results: What We Learned

After a year of following this diet and cycling through weight loss, the participants had, on average, dropped their body weight by around 8%.

This seemed to be the magic number for helping them overcome diabetes. Not only did their body weights drop, but their diabetes also improved.

They were able to reduce their blood sugar levels without needing to take any diabetes medication. Many also had lower blood pressure, even though they were taking fewer drugs to control it.

Participants seemed happy with their weight loss and health improvements. They didn’t have a hard time keeping their weight down.

The Future: How This Could Change Things

This study was a game-changer. It showed us that even people with diabetes who are not overweight can overcome the disease with the right diet and weight loss.

Chris Askew, who heads up Diabetes UK, was excited about these findings. He hopes that this research will lead to new ways to help people overcome diabetes.

One participant, David Childs, shared how this study changed his life. He managed to get his diabetes under control and regain his health. This goes to show how powerful a proper diet and weight loss can be in overcoming diabetes.

This study is a big step forward in our fight against diabetes. It brings new hope to those who may not have thought it possible to overcome this disease.

But it’s only the beginning. There’s a lot more to learn and a lot more work to do. But for now, we can celebrate this great achievement.

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