Vitamin D could help fight ovarian cancer

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Ovarian cancer has one of the highest death rates of all cancers. One reason for this is that cancer turns the body’s defenses against itself.

Scientists from Nagoya University found that vitamin D can effectively prevent one of the key pathways used by this cancer.

The research is published in Matrix Biology and was conducted by Dr. Masato Yoshihara et al.

Ovarian cancer often undergoes a process called peritoneal metastasis.

In this process, its cells detach from their primary site in the ovary and travel to a secondary implantation site, such as the peritoneal wall or diaphragm.

The peritoneum defends against this process using a barrier consisting of mesothelial cells, which prevent the adhesion of cancer cells and limit their spread.

However, ovarian cancer gets around this defense by transforming the protective mesothelial cells into cancer-associated mesothelial cells.

This creates an environment that helps metastasis, assisting the spread of cancer around the body.

In the study, the team found that vitamin D not only counteracted this process but also restored cancer-associated mesothelial cells to their original state.

This process strengthened the barrier effect of mesothelial cells and reduced the further spread of cancer. Their study suggests that vitamin D therapy may be a useful addition to the treatment of ovarian cancer.

The team says in situations where early detection of ovarian cancer is still extremely difficult, the peritoneal environment can be restored to its normal state where it prevents the adhesion and growth of cancer cells.

Vitamin D can do this because of the complicated way cancer spreads.

This suggests that the combination of Vitamin D and conventional remedies can enhance their therapeutic efficacy for ovarian cancer.

The researchers think this helps prevent the adhesion of cancer cells to the peritoneum, which may make it possible to prevent the recurrence of ovarian cancer.

The potential of a vitamin to combat a cancer that affects one in 75 women remains an exciting prospect, especially since it does so by restoring the natural defenses of the body.

The creation of therapies using this research could offer new ways to combat the high death rate of ovarian cancer.

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