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Detecting dangerous liver cancer: a new discovery

When someone gets cancer, it's best to find it early. Catching cancer fast can help a patient have a better chance of getting better. A...

New drug combo may revolutionize treatment for ovarian cancer

New study suggest a novel drug combination could provide a much-needed advancement in the treatment of a rare form of ovarian cancer.

Scientists find new way to measure the relationship between nerve density and oral cancer

Scientists from the University of Michigan have discovered a new way to measure the relationship between nerve density and oral cancer.

Two-year immunotherapy: an effective treatment for lung cancer

In the last ten years, a kind of medicine called immunotherapy has changed how doctors treat serious lung cancer.

The battle against thyroid cancer: your genes, your lifestyle, and you

"Lifestyle interventions may be beneficial for preventing thyroid cancer, especially in individuals with a high genetic predisposition."

Cancer survivors have higher risk of heart disease

People who have had cancer might be more likely to get heart disease. This is the finding from a big study in the UK....

Scientists find new way to treat bone cancer

Innovative research has discovered a potential therapeutic target and established a unique delivery system for osteosarcoma, a bone cancer primarily affecting children and adolescents. The...

Youngsters and bowel cancer: the delayed diagnosis dilemma

Rise of Bowel Cancer in Young People Recent research tells us a worrying fact. More young people, under 50 years old, are getting bowel cancer....

How gut bacteria might shape our risk of colon cancer

What's Going On Inside Us? Did you know that trillions of tiny creatures live inside your belly? These are bacteria, and they're part of something...

Scientists develop new way to diagnose cancer

A team of researchers from the University of Florida has developed a new method that utilizes CRISPR technology for non-invasive blood tests to aid...