Elon Musk vs. Cathie Wood: Tesla, Battery, Innovation

Credit: Finance Jane

Elon Musk led Tesla Motors to the first U.S. automobile IPO since Ford Motor Company.

Musk also helped transform the aerospace industry with SpaceX, not to mention launching or co-launching SolarCity, Neuralink, which is developing ultra-high bandwidth brain to machine-brain interfaces.

Tesla is currently leading the race by developing state-of-the-art chargers to power its electric vehicles.

The company has released innovative chargers, including home charging (wall connector), Supercharger, and destination charging.

Cathie Wood is the founder, CEO and CIO of Ark Invest, a company manages $60 billion (assets).

Wood invests in innovations like self-driving cars and genomics. After stints at other investment firms, Wood created ARK in 2014 hoping to package active stock portfolios in an ETF format.

In this video, Elon Musk talks with Cathie Wood about Tesla, battery technology, and innovation in the public market.

Source: Finance Jane.