Can breakfast help you lose weight?

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In a study from Brigham Young University, researchers found eating breakfast does not have positive benefits to body weight.

In the study, the team aimed to determine the effects of eating breakfast on energy intake, physical activity, body weight, and body fat in women who are nonhabitual breakfast eaters over a four-week period.

They tested 49 women who were nonhabitual breakfast-eaters. The women were assigned to one of two conditions: breakfast or no breakfast.

Breakfast eaters were required to eat at least 15% of their daily energy requirement before 8:30 a.m. Non-breakfast eaters did not consume any energy until after 11:30 a.m.

Weight and body fat were assessed at the beginning and after four weeks of intervention.

The team found on average, the participants who ate breakfast consumed more calories per day over the course of the study and weighed more at the end of the intervention.

There was no caloric compensation at subsequent meals and no change in self-reported hunger or satiety. There was also no physical activity compensation with the addition of breakfast.

The findings of study showed that requiring non-breakfast eaters to eat breakfast resulted in higher caloric intake and weight gain.

The team says future research should evaluate this link for a longer period of time to see if adding breakfast to the diet of women who generally do not eat breakfast results in adaptive behavior change over time.

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The study is published in Appetite and was conducted by Gabrielle Marie LeCheminant et al.

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