What’s the ideal waist size?

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Achieving a healthy body weight is one of the best things you can do to improve your heart health and wellbeing.

While there’s a lot of information out there about weight and weight loss, this can actually make harder to know what a healthy weight is and how to achieve it.

Firstly, it can be helpful to learn how to assess your weight by measuring your waist.

Waist measurement is a simple check to tell if you’re carrying excess body fat around your middle.

Your waist measurement is an indicator of the level of internal fat deposits that coat the heart, kidneys, liver, digestive organs and pancreas.

This can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

This video talks about the ideal waist size to keep you healthy.

Increased risk of metabolic complications starts at an abdominal circumference of 31.5 inches in women and 37 inches in most men, though it’s closer to 35.5 inches for South Asian, Chinese, and Japanese men.

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Source: NutritionFacts.org (Shared via CC-BY)