Obesity can worsen liver damage caused by alcohol

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In a new study from the University of Sydney, researchers found having overweight or obese considerably amplified the harmful effects of alcohol on liver disease and mortality.

People in the overweight or obese range who drank were found to be at greater risk of liver diseases compared with participants within a healthy weight range who consumed alcohol at the same level.

Even for people who drank within alcohol guidelines, participants classified as obese were at over 50% greater risk of liver disease.

In the study, the researchers drew upon data from the UK Biobank. Information was examined from 465,437 people aged 40 to 69 years, with medical and health details collected over an average of 10.5 years.

The researchers reviewed data on participants classified as overweight/obese, self-reported alcohol consumption according to UK alcohol guidelines, and liver disease incidence and liver disease as the cause of death.

A BMI of over 25 denotes overweight, and over 30 denotes obesity.

The team found people who drank above UK alcohol guidelines had, compared to within guideline drinkers:

A nearly 600% higher risk of being diagnosed with alcoholic fatty liver disease and a nearly 700% higher risk of death caused by alcoholic fatty liver disease.

People with overweight or obesity who drank within or above alcohol guidelines had over 50% greater risk of developing the liver disease compared to normal-weight participants who consumed alcohol at the same level.

The results suggest people carrying excess weight may need to be more aware of risks around alcohol consumption.

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The study is published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. One author of the study is Professor Emmanuel Stamatakis.

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