This stuff in the body can protect against prostate cancer, fatty liver disease, diabetes

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In a new study from FIU Biomolecular Sciences Institute, researchers found the protein INPP4B may protect obese people from developing fatty liver disease, Type 2 diabetes and prostate neoplasia.

According to the most recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics, 42.4% of adults in the U.S. are obese and adults 40 to 59 years old were more likely to be obese.

People can control their diet, they can go out and exercise, but there are certain factors they can’t control like ethnicity, age, and genes.

Previously, the team hoped that the poorly understood INPP4B would hold the key to stopping prostate cancer.

In the study, they found it was responsible for protecting people from so much more.

The researchers noticed that mutant mice that did not have INPP4B were fatter on a regular diet. They then asked what would happen if the mice were fed a high-fat diet.

They found that on a high-fat diet, mutant mice gained much more weight than normal and developed fatty livers, Type 2 diabetes and prostate cancer.

More research is needed to determine if a treatment targeting INPP4B could be helpful to people. The team is also pursuing research involving INPP4B and breast cancer.

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The study is published in Communications Biology. One author of the study is Manqi Zhang.

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