This diet may help you control blood sugar, lose weight

A recent study from Tel Aviv University found that a diet that follows the body clock may help with weight loss and blood sugar balance.

This diet is called the 3M diet. It is comprised of one starch-heavy breakfast early in the morning, followed by a substantial lunch and a light dinner.

The study is published in Diabetes Care. The lead author is Daniela Jakubowicz, M.D.

Previous research has shown that a traditional diet followed by diabetics to balance blood sugar consists of six small meals spread throughout the day. it is called the 6M diet.

In the study, the team examined people with type 2 diabetes, who were randomly assigned to follow either the 3M or 6M diet for three months.

Over the three months, they measured the participants’ weight, blood glucose levels, appetite, and gene expression.

They found people in the 3M diet group showed increased weight loss, decreased appetite, and a decrease in daily insulin levels.

Their health outcomes were better than those in the 6M diet group.

The team also found an improvement in gene expression in the 3M diet group, which may have larger implications outside of just blood sugar control.

It is possible that the 3M diet may also prevent many other complications such as heart disease, aging, and cancer, which are all regulated by the biological clock genes.

The team says that breakfast is a specific meal of importance and people need to pay attention to it.

Future work will examine specific breakfast foods and how different proteins in those foods affects blood sugar and insulin levels.

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