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Physics theory could be slam dunk for basketball coaches

A physics theory that’s proven useful to predict the crowd behavior of molecules and fruit flies also seems to work in a very different context – a basketball court.

This special atom could help search for Universe’s building blocks

An unusual form of caesium atom is helping a University of Queensland-led research team unmask unknown particles that make up the Universe. Dr Jacinda Ginges,...

Scientists discover an unusual planetary system that challenges current theories

Scientists discover an unusual planetary system in which a large gas giant planet orbits a small red dwarf star called TOI-5205.

Scientists find link between black holes and dark energy

Researchers have uncovered the first evidence of “cosmological coupling”—a newly predicted phenomenon in Einstein’s theory of gravity, possible only when black holes are placed inside an evolving universe.

How do small PAH molecules survive in space

A new study provides an answer to the question: How do small PAH molecules survive in space?

Scientists discover galaxy that’s almost entirely dark matter

Astronomers have discovered a galaxy with very little or no stellar mass. Galaxies like these are called ‘dark galaxies.’ It contains clouds of gas but very...

Scientists detect a black hole table for two

Astronomers have discovered a galactic table for two—a pair of unusually close black holes that are feeding together after their respective galaxies collided.

Ghostly neutrinos provide new path to study protons

Scientists have discovered a new way to investigate the structure of protons using neutrinos, known as ‘ghost particles.’

Scientists develop a new model for dark matter

Scientists have now proposed a new candidate for dark matter: HYPER, or "HighlY Interactive ParticlE Relics." 

How a 3 cm glass sphere could help understand space weather

UCLA researchers reproduced the gravity that exists on or near stars and other planets inside of a 3 cm glass sphere.