Mental Health


Why mindfulness-based yoga can reduce depression in women

Depression is a common mental health issue. It is estimated that about 25% of women and 12% of men are affected by the disorder...
angry lady

Anger and guilt do not harm PTSD recovery

It is common to feel angry and guilty after experiencing trauma. People may suppress angry feelings or express anger outwardly, and sometimes they cannot control...
Do you need to worry about yourself if your sibling has autism

Do you need to worry about yourself if your sibling has autism?

I used to work with a diligent student in a research project. He impressed me a lot not only because he was intelligent and responsible...
Dog and horse

How animals help us recover from trauma

Humans have a long history to use animals in psychological treatment. In the late 18th century, animals were incorporated into mental health institutions to help...
Not happy

Feeling insecure will affect your mental health

In modern society, many factors can influence humans’ mental health. One important factor is insecurity, which refers to the insecure feelings of life. It has...

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