Vitamin B2 may help treat chronic kidney inflammation

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A recent study by scientists from the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf and the University Hospital Bonn has discovered a promising new way to treat chronic kidney inflammation, known as glomerulonephritis.

The research, published in Nature Communications, shows that certain forms of Vitamin B2 can help reduce kidney inflammation in mice. This finding could lead to new treatments for humans.

The study focused on a special type of immune cell called mucosal-associated invariant T cells, or MAIT cells. These cells are usually found in areas like the intestines and lungs.

Researchers found that when these cells are activated by metabolites of Vitamin B2 and B9, they can play an important role in protecting the kidneys.

Professor Jan-Eric Turner, one of the researchers, explained that MAIT cells were found in both healthy and inflamed human kidneys.

The activation of these cells by other immune cells in the kidneys was crucial. This discovery helps us understand how MAIT cells can protect against kidney diseases.

In their experiments, the scientists used a synthetic form of a Vitamin B2 metabolite to treat mice. This synthetic compound worked like the natural substance that activates MAIT cells.

The treatment helped reduce the progression of the disease, although it didn’t completely prevent glomerulonephritis. Professor Christian Kurts, another researcher, mentioned that this new approach could enhance existing treatments or even allow for lower doses of current drugs.

However, he stressed the need for more research and clinical trials before this method can be used to treat humans.

This study is an important step forward in managing chronic kidney diseases. By looking at the unique role of MAIT cells and the effects of Vitamin B2 derivatives, researchers have found new ways to create more effective treatments.

These new treatments could work alongside current therapies to improve the health and quality of life for people with chronic kidney conditions.

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The detailed findings of this kidney research can be found in Nature Communications.

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