Drug combo provides new hope for managing type 2 diabetes

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Type 2 diabetes is a widespread health problem where the body has trouble handling insulin, leading to elevated blood sugar levels. Metformin is typically the first medicine doctors recommend to treat this condition.

However, some people find that metformin becomes less effective over time, requiring them to seek additional treatments.

In a significant development, scientists at Thomas Jefferson University have identified a powerful combination of two diabetes drugs that not only manages blood sugar levels effectively but also continues to work well for an extended period.

The drugs, dapagliflozin and exenatide, were tested in a thorough study involving 695 adults who had Type 2 diabetes. These participants were previously not getting the desired results with metformin alone.

The study divided participants into three groups for comparison. The first group received weekly injections of exenatide along with their usual metformin. The second group was given daily dapagliflozin pills in addition to metformin.

The third group received a combination of both new drugs. The results were eye-opening. Those who received the combination therapy had better control of their blood sugar compared to those who took a single additional drug, and these benefits lasted throughout the two-year study.

The way dapagliflozin and exenatide work complements each other. Dapagliflozin helps the kidneys eliminate excess sugar from the body through urine.

On the other hand, exenatide boosts insulin production when you eat, reduces sugar production from the liver, slows the rate at which food leaves the stomach, and helps people feel full longer.

This combination not only improves blood sugar control but also aids in weight loss and enhances blood pressure management.

This dual approach has shown itself to be a valuable method for managing Type 2 diabetes over the long term, particularly for those who find that metformin alone doesn’t meet their needs.

Moreover, the study confirmed that this combination of medications is safe, with no unexpected health issues noted during the trial period.

The findings were published in the journal Diabetes Care, where Dr. Serge Jabbour, who led the research, highlighted the importance of this discovery for future diabetes treatment plans.

This combination offers a new, effective option for those struggling to manage their diabetes with standard treatments. It not only helps maintain stable blood sugar levels but also supports weight loss and blood pressure reduction over time.

The continued effectiveness and safety profile of the dapagliflozin and exenatide combination make it a particularly appealing option for tackling more complex cases of Type 2 diabetes where metformin is not enough.

This research offers hope to many who are looking for better ways to manage their health condition effectively and safely.

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