Enhancing deep sleep may boost heart health

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A recent study led by researchers from ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich has demonstrated the potential cardiovascular benefits of deep sleep.

The study found that targeted stimulation with brief tones during deep sleep could lead to more vigorous contractions and relaxations of the heart, particularly the left ventricle.

This improved heart function allows for more efficient pumping of blood into the circulatory system and better oxygen supply to organs, extremities, and the brain.

The left ventricle is responsible for supplying most organs with oxygen-rich arterial blood. When it contracts, it effectively pushes blood into circulation, enhancing overall blood flow, which positively impacts the cardiovascular system.

The study involved monitoring 70 healthy individuals aged 60-80 without cognitive impairment. Blood pressure and cognitive tests were administered, along with assessments of arterial stiffness in the brain and arteries using specialized medical techniques.

The results showed that increased blood pressure variability within a day or over several days was associated with reduced cognitive performance. Additionally, higher variations in systolic blood pressure were linked to greater arterial stiffness in the arteries.

This research emphasizes the significance of deep sleep for cardiovascular health and suggests that improving deep sleep could be beneficial for heart function and overall well-being.

The study also has implications for the development of treatments aimed at enhancing deep sleep, potentially improving cardiovascular health for patients with heart-related conditions.

Researchers are exploring further, more effective stimulation methods to positively impact the cardiovascular system and are considering potential applications in preventive medicine and sports to enhance cardiac function and recovery after intense physical activity.

The findings hold promise for future healthcare interventions that could harness the benefits of deep sleep to improve patients’ overall health and quality of life.

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The research findings can be found in European Heart Journal.

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