A promising statin alternative for managing high cholesterol and heart health

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Cholesterol, a vital substance in our bodies, can become problematic when levels are excessive, leading to heart disease and stroke. Hormones regulate fat and protein circulation, and statins are commonly prescribed to control high cholesterol.

However, some individuals experience side effects from statins, making them intolerable. Bempedoic acid has emerged as a promising alternative, showing potential in reducing the risk of cardiac events comparable to statins.

Statins primarily work by reducing the liver’s cholesterol production, lowering LDL cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol).

While widely used, statins have limitations, including muscle and joint pain for some patients. Statins may also be insufficient for those needing further LDL cholesterol reduction.

Recent research at ENDO 2023 showcased bempedoic acid, a medication offering an alternative to statins.

An analysis of the CLEAR Outcomes Trial focused on patients intolerant to statins. Bempedoic acid reduced LDL cholesterol levels by 21% and decreased cardiovascular events by 13%.

Subsequent analysis revealed that bempedoic acid’s benefits in reducing cardiovascular risk were similar to those of statins, making it a valuable therapy option.

Dr. A. Michael Lincoff, M.D., emphasized the global prevalence of cardiovascular diseases, highlighting the significance of innovations like bempedoic acid.

It offers an essential tool in minimizing risks associated with high cholesterol levels, benefiting patients intolerant to statins or needing further LDL cholesterol reduction.

The development of bempedoic acid represents a significant advancement in managing heart health. It provides hope for individuals intolerant to statins and those requiring additional cholesterol reduction.

This innovation emphasizes the importance of continuous research and medical advancements in the fight against cardiovascular diseases, the leading global cause of mortality.

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