Once-weekly insulin could revolutionize diabetes treatment

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A groundbreaking trial called ONWARDS 5 may change the game for people with type 2 diabetes by introducing a once-a-week insulin dose paired with a smart dosing app, potentially simplifying the often complex management of the condition.

For those living with type 2 diabetes, keeping blood sugar levels in check is vital, and insulin injections are a cornerstone of treatment.

However, daily injections can be a hassle, and getting the dose just right is crucial for effective management.

The ONWARDS 5 Trial Explained

In the study, 1,085 adults with type 2 diabetes from seven countries participated. They had not previously used insulin as part of their treatment.

The participants were split into two groups: one took the new once-weekly insulin icodec, guided by an app for dosing, while the other continued with the standard daily insulin shots.

The results were encouraging. Participants using the weekly insulin and app saw better long-term blood sugar control and were happier with their treatment. They also followed their insulin routine more consistently than those on daily insulin.

This innovative approach could tackle some common hurdles in diabetes care, such as missed doses and incorrect dosing. It has the potential to improve blood sugar control and increase satisfaction with treatment, making managing diabetes less burdensome and more user-friendly.

The Bigger Picture for Diabetes Care

Switching to a weekly insulin injection could significantly ease the treatment burden for people with diabetes.

The dosing guide app adds an extra layer of support, ensuring that patients follow their treatment plan accurately.

The improved adherence to treatment and higher satisfaction among participants using the weekly insulin and app highlight the potential of this new method to better the quality of life for individuals with diabetes.

Looking Ahead

The ONWARDS 5 trial opens the door to a more convenient and efficient way to manage diabetes, showing that once-weekly insulin, assisted by digital tools, could be a viable and beneficial option for those struggling with daily management routines.

In conclusion, the study presents a promising development in diabetes care, offering a simpler, more effective approach to insulin therapy that could lead to healthier lives for millions dealing with the condition.

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