Many people type 2 diabetes test their blood sugar too much

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A study from the University of Michigan reveals that a significant portion of Americans with type 2 diabetes may be testing their blood sugar more often than necessary. This pattern was observed particularly among those not requiring insulin therapy.

Key Findings

Approximately 14% of type 2 diabetes patients, who don’t need insulin, purchase enough test strips for two or more daily tests.

This frequent testing leads to substantial costs for patients and insurance plans, with many spending hundreds of dollars annually on excess supplies.

Study Details

Researchers analyzed data from 370,740 type 2 diabetes patients from a national insurance database.

The focus was on patients not taking insulin, especially those using oral medications not associated with hypoglycemia risk, like metformin.

Despite not needing daily tests, many patients were found to be using an average of two test strips daily.

Medical Guidelines

For certain type 2 diabetes patients, especially those on stable oral medications like metformin, daily blood sugar monitoring is not required.

Despite not needing frequent testing, some patients continue to do so for self-monitoring and to understand how lifestyle factors affect their sugar levels.

Medical professionals are advised to inform such patients about the option to reduce testing frequency and suggest alternative tests like the A1C test, which provides an average blood sugar level over a few months.


The study highlights the need for more patient education and guidance regarding the necessity and frequency of blood sugar testing in type 2 diabetes, particularly for those not on insulin therapy.

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