How sleep loss harms your mental health

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A significant genetic study has revealed that the genes you inherit can affect your sleep and your mental health.

This study helps us understand the connection between sleep problems and conditions like depression or anxiety. It could also lead to better ways to treat these issues.

Genes Play a Role in Sleep

When we have trouble sleeping, we often blame stress or a busy mind. However, genes also play a part in how well we sleep.

This study involved nearly 800,000 people, and it found that some genes are linked to using sleep medications. This means that your genes could influence whether you need help sleeping.

Scientists used data from two big studies, one in Finland and one in the UK. They looked at genetic information and sleep medication use.

People who bought sleep medications were compared to those who didn’t. By studying their genes, researchers found specific areas of DNA connected to sleep problems.

Understanding how our genes affect sleep is essential. Chronic sleep problems, like insomnia, affect many people and can have a big impact on our lives.

Lack of sleep can lead to physical health issues and make mental health problems worse. Knowing the genetic factors involved can help develop better treatments.

Genes and Mental Health

This study also highlighted a link between sleep genes and mental health. Some of the genes tied to sleep problems are also connected to conditions like anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia.

This suggests that if you have sleep troubles, you may be at higher risk for these mental health issues.

By learning more about these genetic markers, doctors may create personalized treatments. This could lead to more effective ways to help people with both sleep and mental health problems.


Genes have a more significant impact on our sleep and mental health than we thought. This new study helps us understand how our genes influence our sleep patterns and why some people struggle more than others.

It’s a step towards better treatments for sleep and mental health issues, offering hope for those affected by these conditions.

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The research findings can be found in SLEEP.

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