Researchers find a new cause of cancer

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Have you ever wondered how cancer starts?

Scientists in Australia have made a new discovery about tiny bits in our body that might play a role in causing cancer. They looked at something called circular RNAs, and the results were surprising!

What Did the Researchers Find?

Researchers from Flinders University in Australia have made a breakthrough. They found out that there are certain bits in our DNA, called circular RNAs, that might lead to cancer.

These circular RNAs can stick to our DNA, which is like the instruction manual for our body. Sometimes, this sticking causes errors in the manual, which can lead to diseases like cancer.

To understand this better, the scientists studied blood samples.

They compared samples from babies who later got a blood disease called leukemia with those who didn’t. They found more of a particular circular RNA in babies who got the disease.

Why Does This Matter?

So, why is this discovery a big deal? Well, if these circular RNAs can cause errors in our DNA, it could explain why some people get cancer and others don’t.

And if we know the cause, we might be able to find better ways to treat or even prevent it.

Imagine your favorite storybook. If someone adds or removes a word or a sentence, the story might not make sense or could change entirely.

That’s a bit like what these circular RNAs do to our DNA. They can cause changes, which might make cells in our body act weirdly. And when cells don’t behave as they should, it can lead to diseases like cancer.

Dr. Vanessa Conn, who was part of the study, explained that many circular RNAs working together can cause many changes in our DNA at once. This can be very dangerous and can turn a normal cell into a sick one very quickly.

Looking Forward

This discovery is still fresh, and there’s a lot more to learn. But it’s a step in the right direction. The research team isn’t stopping here. They are now studying how circular RNAs might play a role in other diseases too.

Australia has many people with leukemia, a kind of cancer that affects the blood. Doctors have known for a long time that some changes in the DNA are linked to worse outcomes for these patients.

But they didn’t know how these changes happened. This new finding gives them a clue.

For now, this discovery tells us that there’s more to learn about our bodies and how diseases like cancer start. And every bit of new knowledge is a step closer to finding better ways to keep us healthy.

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