Metabolic surgery is a game changer for people with diabetes

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In a recent research study, 51% of diabetes patients found their diabetes went away after having metabolic surgery. This happened even if they didn’t lose a lot of weight.

The study looked at patients who had gastric bypass surgery from 2008 to 2017.

It tracked 815 people for about seven years, making it a very detailed study on the topic.

Who Benefits the Most?

Not everyone had the same results. People who had the best chances of seeing their diabetes go away were those:

  • Not taking insulin before the surgery.
  • Using fewer diabetes drugs.
  • Having diabetes for a shorter time.
  • Having a lower HbA1c (a measure of blood sugar) before the surgery.
  • Losing more weight after the surgery.

The more weight people lost after the surgery, the more likely their diabetes would go away.

The Big Takeaway

Dr. Omar Ghanem, the main person behind the study, said that getting rid of diabetes isn’t only about losing weight after surgery. This means that the surgery can help with diabetes in more ways than just weight loss.

But, he also said it’s not a simple cure-all. Patients still need to be watched closely after the surgery and manage their diabetes well.

Dr. Teresa LaMasters, a big name in the surgery field but not part of the study, agreed. She said that doctors should think about the surgery as a way to treat diabetes, not just for weight loss.

In short, for many people with diabetes, this surgery might be a great option to get rid of their disease and live healthier lives.

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