5 things to avoid if you want to lose weight successfully

In recent studies, scientists suggest that people who are trying to lose weight should avoid some common mistakes in their daily diet.

While a healthy diet is important for weight loss success, it is easy to choose the wrong food sometimes.

The researchers suggest people need to avoid 5 things:

Too much salad dressing

Eating vegetable salads can be healthy for the body and may help lose weight, but adding lots of salad dressing may make you eat much more calories than you thought.

For example, the creamy salad dressing in a Caesar salad may contain 20g fat and nearly 200 calories.

Many sauces and gravies people often add to their food also have high amounts of calories and fats.

Too much food that contains natural sweeteners

Many people believe that natural sweeteners are better than sugars, but natural sweeteners contain no additional nutrients and no fewer calories.

This means adding honey or agave syrup to your meal does not differ nutritionally from adding sugar to the same meal.

Too many ‘healthy’ snacks

Some snacks, such as low-fat yogurt, muesli bars, and protein bars, are healthy because they are low in saturated fats and added salt and high in whole grains and protein.

However, they are often highly processed and high in added sugar, which can lead to many health problems, such as obesity and cancer.

Too much alcohol

Alcoholic drinks such as wine and beer can have many calories. For example, an average restaurant serving of red wine is equivalent to 1.5 standard drinks and contains 120 calories.

One schooner of beer equates to 1.6 standard drinks which have 150 calories.

Too much fruit-based food (not real fruit)

Eating whole fruits can be beneficial to your health, but not all things fruit-based are healthy.

For example, banana bread has banana flavors, but it contains lots of saturated fat, added sugar, and calories. The food is highly processed and can be harmful to your health.

Many fruit drinks only contain less than 30% of fruit juice and are very high in sugar. So you need to avoid them if you want to lose weight.

The researchers also suggest that it is important to eat slowly and chew carefully during eating. This can help reduce overeating and help with weight loss.

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