Want to sleep better? Sharing bed with your partner

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Scientists from the University of Arizona found that adults who share their beds with a partner have less severe insomnia, less fatigue and more sleep time.

They also found being more satisfied with their lives and relationships, as well as having lower levels of stress, depression and anxiety.

The research is published in Sleep and was conducted by Michael Grandner et al.

In the study, the team used data from 1,007 working-age adults in Pennsylvania.

They found even though people are sleeping next to someone who may snore and roll around, it did something that was just beneficial.

What’s interesting, it’s not just that someone was there because when we asked the question about a child, the answers were very different.

People who slept with their child most nights reported more insomnia, more stress and worse mental well-being the day after.

The findings are contrary to those from a lab setting that found people sleeping together had more shallow slumber and that a partner’s movements tended to cause an arousal in the brain.

Reasons for the new findings are speculative, but the team suggested that safety or socialization may be at their root.

Throughout most of history, for example, humans tended to sleep in groups around the fire. It may be that on some level, people simply feel safer when another adult is in the bed.

It could also be that people who are more depressed and anxious tend to sleep alone because of those challenges.

This could also vary by the person. If someone’s partner causes a person to feel stress, they may feel more vulnerable in bed.

Future research could examine whether people sleep better or worse if they share a room but not a bed, as in a new trend that has people sleeping in two twins instead of together on one king-sized mattress where they would be more affected by someone else’s movement.

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