New COVID vaccine made of zinc and copper supplements could prevent disease

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

In a recent study from Tel Aviv University, researchers developed a new vaccine that contains several common dietary supplements to protect against COVID-19 as well as several common winter illnesses.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, humanity has led an arms race against mutations, variants, and extensive contagion, in order to minimize damage to human life and the economy.

Currently, the battle against the virus relies mainly on RNA-based vaccines, alongside several anti-viral medications.

But the COVID virus changes rapidly, and frequent updates are required to treatments and vaccines that are based on familiarizing the immune system with the virus.

In the study, researchers decided to develop active vaccines made of safe and easily obtainable dietary supplements that would reduce the viral load in the body and cut down contagion.

They knew that food supplements containing zinc can enhance immunity to severe, viral, and chronic infections and their potentially grave consequences.

The researchers found that the consumption of zinc alone achieves a relatively low cellular content.

To enhance the effect, they combined zinc with flavonoids—polyphenolic compounds found in many fruits and vegetables.

They also added copper in order to prevent an ionic imbalance and improve the treatment’s effectiveness.

Advanced lab tests, including PCR, have shown that the new vaccines they developed did in fact reduce the viral load.

The team found a 50 to 95% decrease in the genomic replication of various groups of RNA viruses, including COVID-19, the flu virus, and others.

These results are very promising, possibly enabling the development of an orally administered biological shelf treatment.

Such a product will be safe, natural, and effective against several types of viruses, including new mutations and variants—clearly an important step forward.

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The research is published in Pharmaceuticals and was conducted by Prof. Ehud Gazit et al.

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