COVID-19 vaccines, boosters effectively prevent severe reinfection

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Scientists from the CDC found if you already got COVID-19, vaccines and boosters could protect against hospitalization from COVID -19 reinfection.

The research is published in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report and was conducted by Dr. Jackie Gerhart et al.

In the study, the team examined how effective vaccines and boosters are against hospitalization from reinfection.

They looked at electronic health records from over 50,000 patients during both the delta and omicron waves who tested positive for COVID-19 more than three months after a previous infection.

Previous research showed that people had good immunity from (the original strain of the virus) after getting COVID the first time.

But after going through the delta period and now the omicron period, it is important to see what the public health impact would be.

The team found a two-dose mRNA vaccine series was about 47% effective against hospitalization due to reinfection and a booster dose was more than 57% effective.

More recently during the omicron wave, the two-dose series was about 34% effective and the booster dose nearly 68% effective.

The findings suggest a booster isn’t as effective against delta compared to omicron, but that may be due to the timing of the study.

The team says any information from the omicron wave is especially important now, as its cousin BA.2 was responsible for more than 85% of new coronavirus cases last week.

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