Ray Dalio: How I educated my children

Credit: Finance Jane

Children look to their parents for wisdom and guidance in their lives. It’s no surprise that we end up sharing our parents’ wise words with our kids.

To many people, how to share their wisdom with their children is a very challenging issue.

In this video, Ray Dalio talks about how he educated his children and grandchildren.

He suggests that it is easier for children to learn the wisdom of life if they can go through different life stages with their parents.

For example, his sons have stayed with him from the time when he had nothing to the time when he has much more.

The kids have experienced the difference between poor and rich, and they know how to create and keep wealth. It is much harder for his grandchildren to understand this because when they were born, they already had everything.

Dalio also suggests that the most important thing parents can teach their kids is self-sufficiency (able to maintain oneself without outside aid).

Source: Finance Jane