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Instant noodles make up nearly one-third of childhood burn injuries, study finds

Instant noodle burns accounted for nearly a third of all pediatric scald admissions at the University of Chicago Medicine between 2010 and 2020

Bad childhood linked to worse midlife learning and memory

Cumulative adverse psychosocial factors in childhood are linked to worse midlife learning and memory, and specifically a child's self-regulation and social adjustment.

Scientists find new brain markers of ADHD in children

In a study from Yale University, scientists found new brain markers of ADHD in children.

Why eye contact is rare among people with autism

A hallmark of autism spectrum disorder, ASD, is the reluctance to make eye contact with others in natural conditions.

A bad childhood may increase risks of heart and blood vessel diseases

Children who experience adversity are at increased risk of developing diseases of the heart or blood vessels in early adulthood.

How early fears play a role in later anxiety, depression

Early risk factors linked to children's temperament and a neural process that can foretell whether a person might have depression and anxiety later.

Childhood trauma could increase heart failure risk as an adult

In a study from Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital, scientists found childhood trauma, especially physical abuse, might increase the risk of heart failure later in...

Why do some kids take bigger risks than others?

Some kids are risk-takers. Others tend to play it safe. Are these differences simply based on personality, or do children’s environments help shape their willingness...

Could a pill help prevent a leading cause of childhood mortality?

Across much of the world, childhood diarrhea is a major killer. Could a probiotic pill somehow be engineered to help stop the scourge in its...

Strange eating habits may signal autism

In a recent study from Penn State College of Medicine, scientists found that unusual eating behaviors may be a sign a child should be...