This drug combo may reduce your risks of heart attack and stroke

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In a recent study from the German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care, researchers found that treatment with a statin in combination with ezetimibe could benefit patients with a history of coronary heart disease (CHD) or acute coronary syndrome (ACS).

The benefit from the drug combo is stonier than that from treatment with a statin alone.

In addition, the combination of a statin plus the lipid-lowering drug alirocumab may also provide better health benefits than a statin alone.

Cardiovascular diseases are diseases that originate from the vascular system and/or the heart.

They were the most common cause of death worldwide in 2016, accounting for 31% of all deaths. Of these causes of death, 85% resulted from a heart attack or stroke.

One of the largest modifiable risk factors is a high LDL cholesterol level (LDL = low-density lipoprotein, or ‘bad’ cholesterol).

The reduction in LDL cholesterol is, therefore, an important goal in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

In patients with a history of heart disease, using cholesterol-lowering drugs is recommended. Statins are currently the most commonly prescribed group of drugs in this regard.

Recent research has shown that a combination of statin and ezetimibe has also been used to further reduce LDL cholesterol.

In the study, the researchers examined the benefit of treatment with ezetimibe in combination with a statin to reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes in patients with a history of heart problems.

They compared this treatment with the treatment with a combination of statin and another drug influencing lipid metabolism.

The team found in patients with a history of heart disease, there was a greater benefit of ezetimibe in combination with a statin versus a statin alone. For these patients, the additional use of ezetimibe reduces the risk of suffering a heart attack or a stroke.

The team also found that the combination therapy of a statin plus ezetimibe was not superior to the combination of a statin plus alirocumab.

The findings provide useful information for patients to protect their heart health. Future work needs to confirm these findings in larger population groups.

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