Scientists find key to weight loss success

It is known that regular exercise is important for weight loss.

In a recent study, scientists the Brown Alpert Medical School found that consistency in exercise can play a big role if people what to lose weight successfully.

People who have consistency in the time of day that they exercise are more likely to lose weight and maintain their weight loss.

The study is published in the journal Obesity. The lead author is Leah Schumacher, Ph.D. of the Brown Alpert Medical School.

The scientists examined 375 adults, who performed moderate‐ to vigorous‐intensity physical activity at least two days every week.

The exercises were done in the early/late morning, afternoon, or evening.

Results showed that people who have successfully maintained weight loss showed consistency in the time of day that they exercised.

The team found that being consistent in the timing of physical activity was linked to higher physical activity levels, regardless of whether people exercised consistently during the morning, afternoon, or evening.

These people tended to do exercise four days a week, and they were more likely to achieve the national physical activity guideline compared with inconsistent exercisers.

Interestingly, almost half of these people chose to do exercise in the morning.

The team says that greater consistency was related to greater exercise performance among all participants and that consistency of exercise may improve weight loss outcomes.

Future work needs to determine whether increasing consistency in the time of day that planned and structured physical activity is performed can help people achieve and sustain higher levels of physical activity.

In addition, it is important to know whether there is a specific time of day that is more advantageous for people who have initial low physical activity levels to develop a physical activity habit.

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