This diet may double your colon cancer risk

An inflammatory diet is high in refined carbs, red and processed meat, and saturated or trans fats.

In contrast, an antioxidant diet is high in vegetables, legumes, fruits, and nuts predominates.

In a recent study from the Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute and elsewhere, researchers found that an inflammatory diet is linked to an increased risk of colon cancer.

They also found that an antioxidant diet is linked to a lower risk of colon cancer.

The study is published in Nutrients. The lead author is Dr. Mireia Obón-Santacana.

In the study, the team examined the link between inflammatory and antioxidant diets and the risk of developing cancer.

They analyzed the population from 12 Spanish provinces using two useful tools and estimated the inflammatory and the antioxidant potential of the diet.

The study included 1852 cases of colorectal cancer and 1567 cases of breast cancer, together with 3447 and 1487 healthy control cases, respectively.

The team found a link between the risk of developing colon cancer and inflammatory diets.

People who followed an inflammatory diet had almost twice the risk of developing colon cancer, which is the 4th most frequent cancer worldwide.

On the other hand, they didn’t see a strong link between breast cancer risk and the inflammatory diets.

The team says that diet is a factor for colon cancer and it can be changed.

People need to eat a Mediterranean diet, which is rich in fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains and healthy oils, such as olive oil and move away from a more inflammatory diet.

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