This is the best kind of father, according to research

In new research, scientists found that an affectionate, fun-loving father who is involved in the social and emotional development of his children is the best father.

The research was led by Rob Palkovitz’s face, professor of human development and family sciences at the University of Delaware.

Currently, the norms of American families have changed, and parenting has become a more engaging and dynamic responsibility.

Many dads are no longer the sole breadwinner in many families, and they are fulfilling household roles that their own fathers did not.

Recent research has shown that fathers now are expected to be more involved in their children’s lives and development.

According to Professor Palkovitz, good fathering has a great effect on children’s well-being, educational attainment, social lives, and health.

In his latest research, participants responded that they’re better men for having been involved with their kids, that all the costs are far outweighed by the benefits that they’ve reaped.

Good fathering is good for men, it’s good for kids, it’s good for their family, it’s good for the community. It sort of optimizes development for both men and their children.

The researcher says how many books a father reads to a child each week, or how much time was spent with the child is very important for the relationship quality.

He says the quality of the father-child relationship involves not just behavior but also feelings and thoughts.

The researcher’s latest initiative is The Global Fatherhood Charter, a set of guidelines for supporting fatherhood in child development.

He hopes his work can help understand the importance of searching beyond fathers’ behavior toward children and look at more reciprocal intersections of fathers’ and children’s behaviors, thoughts and feelings across time.

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