New harms of snoring everyone should know

New harms of snoring everyone should know

In a new study, researchers found that snoring can cause injuries in the upper airways in people who snore heavily.

This can lead to swallowing dysfunction and can increase the risk of severe sleep apnea.

The research was conducted by a team from Umeå University, Sweden.

Previous research has shown that in sleep apnea, patients have repeated collapse of the upper respiratory tract.

It can lead to respiratory arrest during sleep and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In the study, the team found that snorers and sleep apnea patients have injuries in the upper respiratory tract.

In addition, the attempts by the body to heal damaged tissue were disturbed in snorers, and this can lead to an abnormal muscle structure.

They also found a link between snoring and swallowing dysfunction and relation between nerve damage and sleep apnea.

The researchers suggest that these results show a clearer picture of the harmful effects of snoring vibrations.

The finding provides important information about the processes behind vibratory damage and healing of the upper airway tract.

It will help to identify people at high risk of developing sleep apnea and to find novel treatment strategies.

The team hopes the new finding will help develop early prevention and enhance healing of damaged tissue caused by snoring.

Now, they have been experimentally growing muscles and nerve cells at the Laboratory of Muscle Biology.

Hopefully, the experiments will generate valuable data that can contribute to new treatment strategies for vibration damage.

The leader of the study is Associate Professor Per Stål from the Department of Integrative Medical Biology at Umeå University.

The study is published in Respiratory Research.

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