Exercise determines body fat better than gene

Exercise determines body fat better than gene

With obesity now a global epidemic, there is an increased focus on risk factors that contribute to weight gain.

Although many women may blame genetics for their expanding waistlines, a new study shows that as women age they are more likely to overcome the genetic basis of obesity via exercise.

Previous research has shown that the genetic influence on body mass index (BMI) increases from childhood to early adulthood.

The effect of obesity genes later in life and whether they can be overcome through lifestyle modification, including exercise, is not clear.

In this study, the researchers analyzed more than 8,200 women from the Women’s Health Initiative.

Those results show that exercise reduces the genetic influence on obesity, and this effect is stronger in the oldest age group (women aged 70 years and older).

These findings support guidelines for maintaining healthy behaviors, especially in older adults, to have a healthy life.

The researchers suggest that as women age, exercise can help improve muscle mass, balance, and bone strength.

It also invigorates brain cells, is associated with less arthritic pain, and improves mood, concentration, and cognition.

Therefore, regardless of age, genes, and the amount of abdominal fat or BMI, regular exercise can improve health.

The study is published in Menopause, the journal of The North American Menopause Society (NAMS).

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