Could ‘Game of Thrones’ dragons be real?

Famous TV show Game of Thrones has returned for its final season, and many people wonder if the dragons in the show could be real.

According to herpetologist Rachel Keeffe from the Florida Museum of Natural History, scientists currently do not have evidence of dragons on Earth.

However, they do have evidence of very cool extinct animals that were similar to dragons.

The researcher suggests that pterosaurs were the closest one to dragons. They could fly, they were reptilian, and they have head ornamentation.

For the Game of Thrones dragons, she suggests that these big animals have to be warm-blooded because when they have all their muscles and organs working when moving around.

And because they are active predators and have a high metabolism, they need to generate their own heat to power their body.

But the researcher also suggests that the dragons cannot be as big as 747s, because the structural limitations of their bones could make their legs broken.

Even though the dragons’ bones could be very very strong, they would be too big to fly in the sky.

The animals also have a high metabolism and need to be eating constantly. The researcher suggests that there aren’t enough sources in the Game of Thrones universe to sustain the animals.

So instead of having huge dragons, nature chooses to have flying animals that have a 35-foot wingspan.

So far the largest flying animal discovered was Quetzalcoatlus, which is a pterosaur and had a 35-foot wingspan. It only weighed about only 0.2 tons.

The researcher also mentions flying lizards such as Draco volans, which means “dragon that flies.”

The lizards have essentially taken their ribs and made them very elongated so they come out on the sides and there’s webbing between them.

When they try to escape a predator or move to a different tree, they just glide through the air on their ribs.

And finally, there are no real animals that are flame resistant or flame immune. So generating fire is impossible.

But there are animals that can resist super-high temperatures and animals that can shoot things out of their body.

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