AI could save your phone battery

AI could save your phone battery

In a new study, researchers found artificial intelligence (AI) could help save phone battery for when people need it.

It can predict when people will reach for their phone to make the most of the battery life.

The research was conducted by researchers from the University of Melbourne.

Smartphone battery is generally limited. Most smartphone needs to be charged once a day.

Phone battery performance could influence how people use the phone. Sometimes it can be frustrating that phone is out of power when you just need it.

The new study suggests that AI may be the key.

In the current study, the team examined if a smartphone could automatically update itself without affecting its usage.

They used machine learning to understand patterns of phone usage for a given user.

Smartphones often have a wide variety of sensors and data sources, and they provide contextual information and phone usage patterns.

Information like which apps you have and when you access them and factors like the time of the day and period of phone usage can be very useful.

Based on the data, the team developed AI to optimize a phone’s performance.

The AI could effectively monitor this information while using very little power.

Based on the AI system, smartphone apps and operating systems can minimize unnecessary energy consumption.

When people do not use the phone, AI could help schedule computation-intensive tasks such as app and OS updates.

The researchers hope their finding could help conserve more battery life throughout the day. It may also lead to a better user experience of smartphones.

The lead author of the study is Professor Vassilis Kostakos.

The study is published in Personal and Ubiquitous Computing.

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