This gene could protect us from overweight and obesity

In a recent study, researchers have discovered a new function of the gene H19.

They found this gene has a unique protective effect against overweight.

It consequently could reduce the risk of disease such as diabetes, overweight and cardiovascular diseases.

The research is led by Jan-Wilhelm Kornfeld, Elena Schmidt and Martin Bilban have made a groundbreaking discovery in obesity research.

H19 is among the genes inherited exclusively from either the mother or father, the so-called monoallelic genes.

Previous research has discovered how genes derived primarily from the father lead to the development of white fat tissue.

White fat is often found on the stomach, thighs, and backside, and which can lead to metabolic diseases.

On the other hand, genes from the mother primarily lead to the development of brown fat tissue. Brown fat is featured by a protective effect against obesity.

In the study, the team demonstrated that an overexpression of the H19 gene in mice protects against obesity and insulin resistance.

Moreover, they found the similar patterns of gene control in obese people.

the researchers believe that the results could help develop groundbreaking new and improved treatments for obesity-related diseases.

The study is published in the journal Nature Communications.

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Source: Nature Communications.