So hard to disagree

Why is it so hard to disagree?

We often find it hard to disagree with others, even though making autonomous choices is a basic human right. When we disagree with a loved...
Brain Training

Do you believe brain training smartphone apps?

Nowadays brain training apps have become popular. With a simple, short, and colorful game, many smartphone users think that they get a chance to improve...
Sports at school

Sports can improve children’s school performance and health

When I was in elementary school, I studied very hard to become a top student. Even in the physical education class, I tried my...
Hand Gesture_learn foreign words

Hand gesture: a better way to learn foreign words

Nowadays picture dictionaries become quite popular. Instead of just giving bilingual word lists, these dictionaries provide vivid pictures about the word meaning. A typical item in...
Sign language

Learning a sign language can improve your native language

A sign language is a language using hand shapes, orientation and movement of the hands, arms or body to convey meaning. It is usually used...
Not happy

Feeling insecure will affect your mental health

In modern society, many factors can influence humans’ mental health. One important factor is insecurity, which refers to the insecure feelings of life. It has...

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