Sunday, August 14, 2022


electronic waste

An effective way to recycle copper from complex electronic waste

Electronic waste, such as discarded mobile phones, computers, and tablets, contains a large number of precious metals including copper, zinc, gold, silver, etc. Electronic waste...

Reducing porpoise, dolphin and whale bycatch in European waters

For decades, bycatch of porpoises, dolphins and whales (collectively known as cetaceans) has been a major conservation and welfare concern in Europe, with thousands...
Financial support to farmers from taxpayers and consumers associated with agricultural policies as a proportion of the total value of agricultural production

How to protect environment without sacrificing agriculture?

Food demand drives the most dominant land use on Earth. This causes a fundamental challenge to the natural environment. Lots of natural habitats have been...
Flying kite

Flying kites can help farmers get clean energy

The global energy demand is increasing due to the expansion of world economics and population growth. Renewable energy, such as wind power and solar power,...
Remote sensing improves earthquake-response management for agricultural water

Remote sensing improves earthquake-response management for agricultural water

Earthquakes can damage the groundwater system, destruct agricultural activities, and threaten food security. To prevent this, we need effective responses and recovery strategies. This requires a...