Scientists discover easy way to make atomically-thin metal layers for new technology

The secret to a perfect croissant is the layers—as many as possible, each one interspersed with butter.

Common chemical in dry cleaning is linked to 5 times higher risk of Parkinson’s

In a study from the University of Rochester and elsewhere, scientists suggest that a common and widely used chemical may be fueling the rise...

What Chornobyl dogs can tell us about survival in contaminated environments

The two groups of dogs, one at the site of the former Chornobyl reactors and another 16.5 km away in Chornobyl City, had significant genetic differences between them, indicating that these are two distinct populations that rarely interbreed.

Why are electric vehicle fires so hard to put out

Electric vehicles don’t catch fire often, but when they do, things get spicy. How do these fires start?

Scientists discover new substance that could form in Europa’s deep oceans

A new substance created in a lab on Earth could form at the surface and bottom of Europa’s deep oceans, say researchers.

These household ‘forever chemical’ linked to liver cancer

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How to pull carbon dioxide out of seawater

Scientists have found an effective new method for removing carbon dioxide from the ocean.

How vinyl chloride, chemical released in the Ohio train derailment, can damage the liver

Vinyl chloride – the chemical in several of the train cars that derailed and burned in East Palestine, Ohio, in February 2023 – can wreak havoc on the human liver.

How a copper catalyst converts CO2 into liquid fuels

Since the 1970s, scientists have known that copper has a special ability to transform carbon dioxide into valuable chemicals and fuels. But for many years,...

Perovskites, a ‘dirt cheap’ alternative to silicon, just got a lot more efficient

The secret, a University of Rochester optics professor explains, is to harness the power of metals.