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Scientists discover a Jurassic pterosaur in South America

Scientists from Argentina, UK, and Germany recently find a new species of pterosaurs from Patagonia region of South America. Pterosaurs are flying reptiles existing from...
stop smoking

Smoking has long-term impacts on DNA, says study

It is known that smoking harms the body in various ways. It can cause lung disease by damaging the airways and the small air...
Bee and plant

Virus-infected plants can attract more bees and have better reproduction

Virus infection usually makes a plant sick and inhibits its growth. Nevertheless, virus infection may also offer a surprising boost for reproduction. Scientists newly find...

Scientists discover a new type of eye movement in human

It is known that saccades and blinks are two main eye movements in human. Saccade is a rapid movement of both eyes between fixation...
Breast milk sugar

Breast milk sugar helps protect babies from Group B strep infection

Group B strep (GBS) are bacteria found normally in vagina, intestine and rectal area in about 33% of healthy pregnant women. Most pregnant women...

Gene plays the primary role in BMI and obesity transmission

Obesity, which means too much body fat, is a serious health issue. Being obese can increase the risk of many diseases. The World Health Organization...
Stenophlebia liaoningensis 42.2mm

The first Early Cretaceous damsel-dragonfly from western Liaoning, China

In the Jurassic and Cretaceous, damsel-dragonflies widely existed in Europe (e.g., Germany, Spain, England, and France). So far, only two damsel-dragonflies have been found from...
Does our gut control our brain

Does our gut control our brain?

Humans are teeming with bacteria. The ones living in our guts are particularly important because they can dramatically influence our health, both positively and negatively. However,...
Stripe formation in zebrafish and zebra

How the zebrafish got its stripes

How the zebra got its stripes is a frequent topic in popular literature about the natural world. For developmental biologists, however, it is much easier...