Scientists find hidden risks of blood pressure medications

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High blood pressure, or hypertension, affects one out of every ten adults. It can lead to serious problems like heart attacks and strokes. People often manage it through lifestyle changes and medications.

Three common medications for high blood pressure are ACE-inhibitors, beta-blockers, and calcium channel blockers. These drugs help millions of people, but their full range of side effects is not entirely known.

Investigating Blood Pressure Drugs

Researchers from Imperial College London wanted to understand more about these medications. They used a method that studies genes to identify which proteins these drugs target to lower blood pressure.

Next, they looked at the genes of about 750,000 people to find natural versions of these proteins that help lower blood pressure.

Surprising Discovery

The researchers then explored whether these proteins could affect the risk of other diseases. They analyzed data from a large study in the UK, checking for nearly 900 different conditions.

They discovered something unexpected: a specific type of calcium channel blocker was linked to a higher risk of bowel issues, particularly diverticulosis.

This condition causes small pouches to form in the intestine lining, which is more common in older people and can sometimes lead to serious problems.

The scientists believe that this medication might interfere with the muscles in the intestines, affecting how food moves through the digestive system.

However, they emphasize the importance of not stopping any prescribed blood pressure medication without consulting a doctor. These findings are new and need further investigation.

Moving Forward

This research highlights the need for a better understanding of how blood pressure medications might have unexpected side effects. The researchers suggest that future studies should focus on managing these potential risks while still effectively treating high blood pressure.

In summary, while blood pressure medications are vital for many people, it’s also important to be aware of their potential side effects. This study has revealed a surprising link between a common blood pressure medication and bowel conditions.

More research is needed, and it’s always best to talk to your doctor if you have concerns about your medication.

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