Why marijuana can be very dangerous to your blood pressure

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Scientists from Georgia State University have uncovered a concerning link between marijuana use and an increased risk of dying from high blood pressure.

Their study reveals that the risk could be as much as three times higher for marijuana users, which adds a critical perspective on the health impacts of this commonly used drug.

The research focused on adults aged 20 and older, who were part of a survey conducted back in 2005-2006. During this survey, participants were simply asked if they had ever used marijuana.

Those who answered “yes” were categorized as marijuana users for the study. To determine the duration of marijuana use, researchers calculated the number of years since the individual first tried marijuana up to their current age.

The study then matched this data on marijuana usage with death records from the National Centre for Health Statistics up until 2011. Among the 1,213 participants analyzed, 34% reported they had never used marijuana or cigarettes.

Interestingly, 21% had only used marijuana, and another 20% had used both substances. Additionally, there were individuals who had previously used both marijuana and cigarettes (16%), along with former smokers (5%), and those who solely smoked cigarettes (4%).

On average, participants had used marijuana for about 11.5 years. The results showed that the risk of dying from high blood pressure was significantly higher in marijuana users compared to non-users—3.42 times higher, to be exact. Moreover, each additional year of marijuana use increased the risk by 1.04 times.

The impact of marijuana on the cardiovascular system can be severe. Marijuana activates the sympathetic nervous system, which can cause an increase in heart rate and blood pressure, as well as a higher demand for oxygen by the heart.

Emergency rooms have reported incidents of chest pain and even heart attacks following marijuana use, illustrating the acute effects it can have on heart health.

The study’s findings are particularly striking as they suggest that the heart-related risks of marijuana might be even more significant than those associated with cigarette smoking.

This study, led by Barbara A Yankey and published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, serves as a crucial reminder of the potential health risks linked to marijuana use, particularly concerning blood pressure and heart health.

Given these findings, it’s essential for individuals, especially those concerned with or susceptible to high blood pressure, to be aware of and cautious about the potential risks associated with marijuana use.

This study prompts a broader discussion on the need for public awareness and potentially revising guidelines around the use of marijuana in light of its possible health implications.

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