Cannabis use linked to 300% higher death risk in people with high blood pressure

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A group of scientists from Georgia State University recently made a startling discovery. They found that using marijuana could increase the risk of dying from high blood pressure by three times.

This finding adds a new layer to our understanding of marijuana’s impact on health.

The study began by looking at adults aged 20 and older. Back in 2005-2006, these individuals were asked a simple question: had they ever used marijuana? Those who said “yes” were marked as marijuana users.

To figure out how long each person had been using marijuana, the researchers subtracted the age when they first tried it from their current age.

Then, they combined this information about marijuana use with death records up to 2011 from the National Centre for Health Statistics.

Out of the 1,213 people in the study, 34% hadn’t used marijuana or cigarettes. 21% used only marijuana, while 20% used both marijuana and cigarettes.

16% had used marijuana in the past and had also been smokers, 5% were past smokers, and 4% only smoked cigarettes.

On average, the people in the study had been using marijuana for about 11.5 years. The researchers discovered that those who used marijuana had a significantly higher risk of dying from high blood pressure compared to non-users.

In fact, the risk was 3.42 times higher, and it increased by 1.04 times with each year of marijuana use.

This finding is quite significant. Marijuana is known to affect the cardiovascular system, as it stimulates the sympathetic nervous system.

This can lead to increased heart rate, higher blood pressure, and a greater demand for oxygen by the heart. Emergency rooms have even seen cases of chest pain and heart attacks following marijuana use.

Interestingly, the researchers pointed out that the heart risks associated with marijuana might be even greater than those linked to cigarette smoking.

This study, published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology and led by Barbara A Yankey, is an important reminder of the potential health risks associated with marijuana use, especially concerning blood pressure and heart health.

It suggests that people should be cautious and aware of these potential risks, especially if they have concerns about high blood pressure.

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