Mediterranean diet linked to lower blood pressure in U.S. adults

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A recent study conducted at the University of Maine and other institutions has revealed a significant link between adherence to a Mediterranean diet (Med diet) and reduced blood pressure among adults in the United States.

The Mediterranean diet is renowned for its various health benefits, including anti-inflammatory properties and cardiovascular advantages.

Although previous research has associated this diet with lower blood pressure, many studies relied on self-reported blood pressure data, which can be unreliable.

Furthermore, these studies often did not adequately address other variables relevant to hypertension.

Given that the Med diet is less prevalent in U.S. culture compared to Mediterranean regions, its effectiveness in U.S. populations remained uncertain.

The Mediterranean Diet and Blood Pressure

In this study, researchers examined the relationship between adherence to the Mediterranean diet and blood pressure levels in a group of older adults, with an average age of 62.2 years, residing in the United States.

The findings demonstrated a strong correlation between higher consumption of Mediterranean diet foods and lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure in individuals who incorporated more of these foods into their diet.

The reduction in blood pressure observed in this study holds significance for the overall U.S. population. Even a modest decrease of 2mmHg in systolic blood pressure at the population level has the potential to reduce heart disease by 10%.

This underscores the potential health benefits of adopting a Mediterranean diet, particularly for individuals seeking to manage or prevent high blood pressure.


The study’s results highlight the positive impact of a Mediterranean diet on blood pressure levels among U.S. adults.

While previous research had indicated potential health advantages associated with this dietary pattern, this study provides valuable insights into its effectiveness in a U.S. context.

Lowering blood pressure is a critical factor in reducing the risk of heart disease, making the adoption of a Mediterranean diet a potentially beneficial choice for individuals concerned about hypertension and overall cardiovascular health.

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